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About us

We make the world's most beautiful gemstone accessible to all.

Superb gemstones, such as diamonds, sapphires and emeralds, fell throughout history exclusively under the domain of the rich and elite.

My Moissanite counters this head-on, by making the beauty, ethics and impressive longevity of moissanite accessible to all.

Help us share the joy of self-expression and beauty to our fellow human-beings! With our affordable and ethical moissanite jewelry that is appropriate for any occasion, we make the world not only a little happier, but also more beautiful.

And all that without a sense of guilt.

Meet our team:

Sebastiaan Vaz - CEO & Oprichter My Moissanite

Sebastiaan Vaz

Founder & CEO

Amelia Swierczek

Head of Social

Louis Estrada

Head of Development

Experiences of others:

"I had just sold my house and was about to buy a diamond tennis bracelet at €25,000. That was when Sebastiaan told me about moissanite. The rest is history."

Klant my moissanite
E.H. Hengeveld - Customer at My Moissanite
Baarn, NH

"Everyone I've introduced moissanite to doesn't want anything else. This is why My Moissanite was set up. Not only is it affordable; it is, according to many, the most beautiful gemstone in the world."

sebastiaan vaz oprichter my moissanite
Sebastiaan Vaz - Founder My Moissanite
Bussum, NH