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We also love the beauty of diamonds. But what are the actual costs?

Conflict diamonds: the facts

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Of the world's mined diamonds come from Africa (1)
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Is what the average African miner earns per day (2)
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Is the average working day for an African miner
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Of commercial diamonds are unethically obtained (3)

"It's a scandal. We have so much wealth, and yet we are so poor. Instead of eternal happiness, our diamonds bring nothing but misery."

Help us in the fight against conflict diamonds

Millions of carats of diamonds are still unethically mined every year. By “unethical” we mean the following three types of diamonds:

  1. Blood diamonds. These are diamonds whose profits directly contribute to the funding of rebel groups.
  2. Unethically obtained diamonds. These are diamonds that have been mined under very poor working conditions. To the point of inhuman conditions.
  3. Environmentally devastating diamonds. These are diamonds obtained from diamond mines that severely disturb the nearby living conditions of people, animals and organisms directly, indirectly or otherwise.

Each of these types of diamond produce devastating results in many different ways. This is why it is important to completely eliminate the funding, support and overall interest in these conflict diamonds.

How My Moissanite wants to improve the situation

My Moissanite sets aside 5% of its profits for a charity that exclusively improves the situation in Africa. The intention is to make these funds available to a worthy charity which focuses exclusively on improving the overall situation surrounding conflict diamonds.

We are busy looking for such a charity; We have not been able to find one yet. If you have any tips or suggestions, please contact us. In case we still haven’t been able to find a worthy charity by the beginning of 2023, we plan to set up our own charity.

Once we actively donate, we will track on this page exactly how much we have donated and to which organization. We want to keep everything 100% transparent, because we think it’s important that you can see exactly where the donation is going!




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    Ik heb een hele goede ervaring gehad bij My Moissanite en raad anderen aan ook langs te gaan. De verlovingsring die ik aangeschaft had is prachtig en werd goed gewaardeerd door de gelukkige die het mocht ontvangen.
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    Bought a loose stone from MyMoissanite and the customer service was the best I have experienced online!
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    Superb customer service and product. Best buying experience I've had at an affordable price range.
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    I placed an order for a custom made engagement ring approximately two months ago, reaching out to Sebastiaan which has been stellar from start to finish, never have I ever experienced such customer service, which made me feel right at home. … More The ring is of extraordinary quality, and me and my fianceé couldn't be happier, thanks to Sebastiaans patience which assisted us with any concerns we had, mainly the size where he was nice enough to offer us a measurement tool, sent to our doorstep to take our own measurements, and make sure everything fits just right. The ring was shipped and delivered to our doorstep in less than 24 hours! Thanks again, guys! 🙂